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The Gateway Pacific Terminal is uniquely positioned to help get America moving again.

Gateway Pacific Terminal

The United States has no deepwater dry bulk terminal on its West Coast capable of fully utilizing the largest, most efficient ships. Since the fastest growing markets in the world are in Asia, this is a major impediment to American producers being competitive in exporting to Asian markets. Right now, American producers must ship their bulk products in smaller, less-efficient vessels, or through Canada or Mexico. Either way, the lack of a large, modern transshipment facility for dry bulk commodities, such as grains and minerals, inhibits U.S. exports and restrains America’s economic growth.

The Gateway Pacific Terminal will help fill that void.


Cherry Point Heavy Industry Zone
Located in an area designated for heavy industry at Cherry Point, Washington, this nearly 1,500-acre site is well suited for this type of development, with the natural water depth, upland space, infrastructure, and zoning to support the kind of highly efficient bulk cargo facility America needs. Further, the site already has access to industrial utilities and BNSF Railway, which connects to producers across America’s Northern Tier and Midwestern states.

As a Northwest company, SSA Marine embraces environmental excellence in everything we do. We are working closely with federal, state and local agencies to ensure strong environmental safeguards. Gateway will be safe and efficient, and operated according to SSA Marine’s strong commitment to protecting the environment. The Gateway Pacific Terminal will have covered and enclosed conveyors and enclosed unloading facilities. And we will work closely with the community to ensure the continued protection of the environment. Moreover, we will leave nearly three-quarters of the site in natural buffer and wildlife habitat.


America Needs The Gateway Project
We need to get America moving again. The lack of a U.S. deepwater dry bulk shipping terminal is forcing American goods to be shipped longer distances to foreign ports in Canada and Mexico. This makes U.S. exports less competitive and sends high-value jobs and all the economic benefits across our borders. The Gateway Pacific Terminal will create local jobs, will help strengthen our economy and will use best practices to protect the environment.


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