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The site of the Gateway Pacific Terminal is unique. It is the only nexus in the western United States of naturally deep water, a large upland area suited to handling bulk commodities, continental rail service, and proper zoning.

Gateway Pacific Terminal

Located at Cherry Point, Washington, 17 miles south of the U.S.-Canada border, the site is closer to Asia than other U.S. ports, making it the ideal location for a bulk commodity shipping terminal serving American producers.

The nearly 1500-acre site is located between the BP Cherry Point Refinery and the Alcoa-Intalco Works in an area designated by Whatcom County for heavy industry. The property already has access to industrial utilities and is served by BNSF Railway tracks that connect to producers across the U.S. Northern Tier and Midwest.

In addition, the site’s proximity to naturally deep moorage will allow the terminal to serve large vessels without the need for dredging. Called ‘capesize’ vessels, these ships provide both the lowest cost and the lowest carbon footprint per ton of cargo, making U.S. exports more competitive in the international marketplace.


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