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The Gateway Pacific Terminal will help revitalize the U.S. economy and be an economic boon to Whatcom County and Washington State.

Economic BenefitsEconomic Benefits

Gateway will create much-needed, family-wage jobs and provide millions in tax revenue to support public services. At full build out, the Gateway Pacific Terminal will create 4,400 new jobs* during construction and 1,250 new ongoing jobs* through its operations.

Construction of the Gateway Pacific Terminal at full build out will bring in $92 million in state and local tax revenue. Once the facility is in operation, it will generate $11 million each year in additional tax revenue that can be used for public education and other local services such as law enforcement and fire protection.

But the economic benefits of Gateway will extend far beyond the Pacific Northwest, as farmers and producers across the upper Midwest have a new, efficient, and seamless route to customers overseas.

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* includes direct, indirect and induced jobs


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