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Our environmental priorities onshore at Gateway Pacific include protecting the watershed, preserving or creating wetlands, and restoring creeks and marshes on the property.

As part of that commitment, water-soluble cargo stored on the site will be covered, and sprinkling systems will be installed, to minimize dust from reserves of non-water soluble materials. Our loading chutes and practices will also be designed to minimize dust.

Water runoff from rain or cleaning processes will be captured and pumped into the onsite water treatment system. The system will utilize an oil/water separator and filter particulates that will then be taken off site.

We are mapping all of the wetlands on the property and will replace any wetlands that are disturbed in the construction or operation of the terminal. Ideally, our goal is to improve the ecology of the watershed and help restore natural systems such as the existing saltwater marsh and its tributary creek.

Three-quarters of the site will be left untouched, and the project will leave portions largely undeveloped and unused to allow wildlife access to the shoreline.


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