Ferndale residents know better than anyone that the industries at Cherry Point are great neighbors. They have provided excellent jobs and tax revenues while meeting our high expectations for environmental performance. Whenever our state has asked them to step up to a higher standard, they have met it. They participate in and give back to our communities.

We view these industries not only as environmentally conscious neighbors, but as steady providers of jobs and tax revenues for our communities. These employers demonstrate the significant benefits that a strong industrial base, from employing thousands at family-wage jobs to sponsoring Little League teams and donating to local charities and civic projects. We know that industry forms the backbone of prosperous communities.

So when another private company offers to become the fourth and final industry at Cherry Point – Ferndale’s last industrial neighbor – I pay close attention. In fact, this idea is not new. Whatcom County has for decades planned for one more marine use of the Cherry Point industrial zone.

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