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The Gateway Pacific Terminal will be an economic boon to Whatcom County and Washington State, creating hundreds of family-wage jobs and providing millions in tax revenue to support vital services such as law enforcement, fire protection, hospitals, libraries, and schools.

In addition, Gateway will deepen our state’s trade relationships with the fast-growing Asian economies and enhance Washington’s position as a major exporter.

At full capacity, the Gateway Pacific Terminal will create 4,400 new jobs* during construction and 1,250 new jobs* through its operations. SSA Marine estimates constructing the terminal to its full capacity will cost $665 million. Construction may occur in two phases depending on market demand. The figures presented below assume build out to full capacity and operating at full capacity.

Impact Assessment**, construction (for a two year-period):

  • Direct jobs: 2,100
  • Indirect and induced jobs from construction and local purchases: 2,300
  • Total direct, induced and indirect personal income: $349 million
  • State and local tax impact: $92 million

Impact Assessment, full operations:

  • Direct jobs (terminal operators, pilots/tugs, maritime services, railroads): 430
  • Indirect and induced jobs (resulting from terminal spending, repairs, and purchases by employees): 820
  • Total direct, indirect and induced ongoing jobs: 1,250
  • Total direct, induced and indirect annual personal income: $129 million
  • Annual local and state tax revenue: $11 million

* includes direct and indirect and induced jobs created
**averaged results of Martin & Associates and the Study Group review


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